Having a baby is an amazing journey and watching every step of their development is even more exciting. Seeing your baby for the first time during a gender scan is an emotional and important moment to all new parents and it will definitely be a moment to remember for the rest of your life. 

Not only will you find out if you’re having a boy or a girl, but you’ll get to see them on screen and get to keep a photograph! How exciting?

Below are some ways you can prepare before you go in for your Gender Scan in Belfast :

How to Prepare for a Gender Scan?

Book A Gender scan When there’s lots of Movement: 

Watching your baby moving and finally having that first sense of connection visually is an important moment. It’s best to make the most of it and watch your baby move around on screen so it’s smart to book your scan when you’re feeling a lot of movement. It’ll make things so fun and interesting and you’ll see exactly what your baby is up to in the womb. 

Consider what you wear:

Remember an Ultrasound means you’ll need to lift up the top half of what you’re wearing so to feel comfortable and not be too exposed, it would be best not to wear a dress. This is a really nice experience and you’ll want to make sure you have no worries and can enjoy the day you get to see your baby. After all you’ll get to find out if you’re about to be a mom to a son or daughter! 

Drink lots of water!

To help with the clarity of the gender scan photos: drink lots of water! Pregnant women need to intake a lot of water (8-12 cups a day) and staying on top of this leading up to your gender scan appointment will make your photos way clearer. 

Go to the Bathroom before the gender Scan

Being hydrated is definitely a really important thing when it comes to gender scans, but make sure to empty your bladder right before the appointment as it can be very uncomfortable to need to go during the scan. 

The scan involves a lot of soft pushing near your bladder which as you can imagine can be quite discomforting when you need to go to the bathroom. Before you go in, make sure you’re comfortable. 

Eat something sugary

A good trick to make your baby have that extra energy before a gender scan is to have a bit of something sweet like chocolate or some jellies. It’ll wake your baby right up and it might make for an interesting scan with lots of movement.  

Finding out if you’re having a boy or a girl is super exciting news and it’s a life changing moment you’ll cherish forever. 

Making sure you’re prepared and know what to expect when going for your gender scan will make you feel more at ease before the appointment. At Bump to Baby we’re happy to share this amazing moment with you as you’re meeting your baby and getting to know them a little better through a visual ultrasound. 

You’ll leave with a photograph of the gender scan which you can cherish forever. 

If you’d like to book your gender scan, you can do so on our site and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.